Pieces of Me For You 



I wish I was a dancer

make my limbs flutter across the stage like words on a page

lightly, effortlessly

gliding, tipping and tapping

landing all in the right spots

to have my arms reaching east to west

to the ends of the earth

embracing the audience with each movement and motion

swaying to the rhythm

a rhythm that encamps the ears

and entraps the eyes with

My Dance

nothing rough or harsh

but easy and smooth like butter

like silk

like the voice of a sexy man on the other end of the phone at 2am

I wish I could dance and make these long legs stretch out from beneath me

stand, bend, curve and lift

all at the same time

travel in circles, ending up on notes imaginarily planted on the hardwood panes of the stage

allowing the music to possess my body and mind

nothing else matters

but the music

my hips, thighs, arms, back, legs and core

all feel the beat of the drum

the call of the strings

beckon of the bass

and seduction of the horns

at once …I move 

Oh I wish I was a dancer

floating on the stage, this visual canvas of motions

painting a picture that only the composer and choreographer once saw

I want you to see how these melodic notes that are soaring in the heavens

how they made me feel

Free as I lift my leg and kick

Bold as I leap to the ceiling

Loved as I spin with my arms open wide

I feel the dance

I feel the music

I feel poetic.

Author:  LaToyur Tisdale

© Copyright 2011 

Deepest Desire

I want to please you past your deepest desires

I want to see satisfaction in your eyes,

bliss appears to your lips, that will meet my hips

and thighs.

I want to present myself to your liking,

nothing between us but unspoken commands and responses

massage your back until you lack the stress and strife that lies outside of these four walls.

I want to expose my soul and core, allow you in even more,

be molded for your pleasure, your private treasure

transcending monetary value

because honor, respect and trust is simply priceless.

I am willing to forfeit power and pay the price

surrender and sacrifice preconceived notions

that have left beheld places void with normality

longing to blindly submit and commit

I want to please you past the essence of time,

wanting you to travel beyond the present and past regret

bask in the here and now

allow parted legs to welcome roaming hands that freely do as they wish…sensually and sternly

pools leading to internal depths that are released and hang in the air

creating a density that collapse and falls upon the skins in an salty dew forming liquid beads that trail down willing limbs and aroused organs.

satisfaction that is more that physical

and psychological needs but become selfless desires and wants

I simply want…

Author: LaToyur Tisdale

© Copyright 2012

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