Pieces of Me For You 

                   Pieces of Me for You

Presentation is Everything.

Pieces of Me For You gives more than just words.


making a formal presentation of items piled up on a stainless steel platter

purposed for me

destined for you

all for you

behold the Pieces of Me for You.

(Nashville, TN) Self Motivation, Grief and Healing are only a few of the topics explored in the newly released collection of poetry entitles “Pieces of Me For You” by first-time author LaToyur Tisdale. This 94-page collection of poetry exemplifies the thoughts and feelings connected to the ups and downs of everyday life, as seen through this author’s eye. 

In pieces like “Dancer,” LaToyur lyrically illustrates the correlation between the art of dance and poetry by vividly describing the move of the dance and sound of music to the stroke of the pen.  Poems like “One Sided Relationship 101” and “Love” delve into the psychological and emotional light and darkness of modern day dating and relationships.  Finally, the title poem “Pieces of Me For You” speaks of the author’s vulnerability to give and be for her readers. 

This collection of poetry is years of work all compiled with the sole purpose of touching its readers, either by personal experience or through the eyes of someone they know.  “Pieces of Me For You” is literally pieces of one woman’s life presented and gifted to all who read this book.  

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CONTACT:  LaToyur Tisdale at latoyur@icloud.com or 615.200.7238 

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